Join us for a 90-minute Epic Calendar Party

I'm so excited you're here! I have been a fan of planners, goal setting, calendars, and bucket lists for as long as I can remember. Hopefully, we're kindred spirits.

Sometimes, we just need to take a break and spend some time planning for our success and creating a clear timeline for what you want.

We're going to get you to a place where you feel more in control of your schedule, where you have more clarity around what you really want, and remove the distractions that drift you away from your highest priorities. When you make space to create a covenant of abundance, you can help others around you create more abundance, too.

Dream, Improve, Shift, Clarity, Optimize

This course is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners who feel like the world is piling too much on their plate and feeling overwhelmed running a business and trying to have a life.

Do you say yes to everything until there's no time left for you, for self-care, fun, and you feel guilty when you take some downtime?

Is everyone around you pulling for your time and attention?

Whether it's January 1 or your Day One, today is the day to gain control of your calendar and your life.

Example Curriculum

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Find More Time to Do More of What You Love

Discover ways to improve your schedule, optimize your days, and find more joy.

Learn how to be super productive while scheduling more time off (HINT: we show you the formula for taking 100+ days off each year)

Become the master of your calendar, and use it as a guide to schedule what's most important to you.