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Got News? Let's Alert the Press - Consistently send a press release to media outlets with this one-of-kind PR subscription service.

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When was the last time you put out a news announcement for your book, business or brand?

Have you hit a milestone? Published a book? Received an award?

Let's alert the press!

A press release is a core document to feature your story to journalists and media professionals.

Media Specialist, Angel Tuccy, walks you through the steps to creating a professional press release, how to create major network distribution, and create more visibility for your brand, business, nonprofit or story.

For only $300/month, your story can be shared on professional media outlets, automatically, like clockwork!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the press release subscription start and finish?
The course starts now and never has to end. Media is the power of starting a conversation, and as long as you have news to share, we'll share it with the press.
How often can I put out a press release?
As often as you like. There's no limit. Our recommendation is once a month. Of course, if something newsworthy comes up more often, you can release the news more often. Marketing is like a faucet - turn up or turn down as needed.
What if I am unhappy with the press release?
We would never want you to be unhappy! Every press release is sent to your for approval BEFORE we distribute it.

I'll never forget the day I wrote my first press release. I had just been approved to be on the board for my local chamber of commerce. I looked up sample press releases online so I could learn how to write it. I found one about Steve Jobs and kinda, sorta wrote one similar.

My press release was featured in my local hometown newspaper. I cut it out and framed it. My very first publicity exposure.

Today, we write press releases every day for people announcing their exciting news: approved to boards, publishing books, hitting milestones.

Leveraging the power of a press release opens doors. Wendy's press release turned her speaking event into a "paid" speaking event. Bradley's press release had schools calling him to speak - the same schools who wouldn't return his calls before they read his press release. Taylor's brand new business showed up organically on page one of an internet search after only 24 hours of her news being distributed.

I ask business owners all the time, "What's New?" and they give me a laundry list. Then, I ask them, have your sent a press release to your local news station, and they give a blank stare.

Experts are teaching small businesses to grow and get media exposure - but they don't teach you HOW to get the publicity.

I've been inside the broadcasting world.

When I was a morning radio talk show host, we would get into the studio at 3:00am to check the latest headlines and news reports. We used press releases to fill our broadcast.

Your story.

Broadcasters need you. Journalists are looking for stories every day, and they find them in your press releases.

The beauty of the automated press release subscription is you never miss a month to share your news.

Every single month, we'll write a distribute a press release and tell YOUR story.


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You keep creating the news, and we'll share it.

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