Media Mastery Tracker

Everyday, there are journalists and podcast hosts who are looking for quality guests. There are thousands of media opportunities and there is no limit to the amount of exposure you can create for your business, book or brand leveraging the power of media.

The Media Mastery Tracker is designed to track your media

opportunities all in one place.

There's a place for you to keep track of all your media contacts.

Using the 3, 2, 1 Media Boost Formula: Add 3 journalists or

podcasts to your list each week, schedule 2 interviews,

stages, or media opportunities each week, and send out

one press release each month.

Download and Print Your Own Media Tracker Today

The Media Mastery Tracker includes:


Weekly Journal

Daily Habit Tracker

Print your Tracker today and start celebrating your success.

Our product guides make it easy for you to do it yourself, get inspired for creating media opportunities and guide you with easy steps to get started. You'll have immediate access to the guidebook, able to download it onto your own device and keep it forever.


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